noun: community; plural noun: communities

-a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

source: Google search ‘community’

The kidlit world is a community! Whether it is through a local writing group, critique partners, social media, classes, blogs, or SCBWI and other organizations, the sense of togetherness and purpose is palpable.

As I establish my online media presence, I have had the opportunity to connect with some upstanding writers, authors, and agents.

I believe supporting others in my tribe to be important and relevant to the goals of kidlit. Today, I would like to highlight the talented and creative Tori DeLeon known for her #kidlitprompts and illustrations. She created a web page banner for my story Sylvia & CABot.

Here it is:

It is adorable, right? I think so.

So that her talent can be highlighted further, here is my pitch for this story so that you can see her ability to capture my WIP.

Matilda + Big Hero 6 + Walle + Frankenstein

When Sylvia’s family is too busy to help her build a blanket fort again, she gets “friggly” and takes matters into her own hands. She utilizes her pint-sized engineering skills: brainstorming, sketching, measuring, and drafting to create the perfect invention! She brings CABot, her Customized Assisting Robot, to life. CABot becomes her fort building solution—making her favorite pastime a reality, but Sylvia soon finds out that CABot can help her build more than just a fort.

Give Tori a shout out and peruse her website by visiting and

Follow your dreams! Don’t give up! It takes a community to make a difference. Be part of that difference.




Amanda Kirkham, M.Ed., is an elementary school teacher, writer, and aspiring author. She is a triplet, a runner, and perpetual student. Her motto is “Never stop learning!” One of her favorite childhood pastimes was to read every side of the cereal box and digest the information. She lives in Georgia with her husband and four children.