Valentiny Writing Contest

Today’s post will be different from my single word posts. I am sharing a story that I wrote to participate in Susanna Hill’s 3rd Annual “Valentiny” Contest!

Valentiny Writing Contest 2018


Here goes:

word count: 214

Libby Lark Makes Her Mark
(A story about finding what you Love)

“Last place,” she huffed and puffed, “Racing is not it!”

Libby flitted to the nearest branch.

She saw how happy everyone looked flittering and fluttering

around the meadow preparing for the Valentine’s Day Pageant.

Everyone except her.

Would she ever find her flutter?

Off she went.

“My cake is flat!” Libby peeked into the oven at the

Bird Seed Bakery.

Her cake didn’t look like anyone else’s.

“Baking is not it!”

Off she went.

“Tweet, tweet, tweeeee!”

Everyone covered their ears as Libby belted out the chorus.

Mr. Singsong shook his head side to side.

Off she went.

Libby stared at her reflection in the pond.

“What’s wrong little one?” Mama chirped.

“Oh mama, I’ll never find my flutter in time!”

“Now Libby, don’t rush it. Your time will come. When you find

what you love, your heart will flutter.”

Mama pecked a kiss on her cheek.

“Here goes.”

She tried nest building. Shambles!

Air traffic control. Mess!

Safety patrol. Fail!

Libby’s flits were flopping.

“I am not good at anything!” she cried.

Daddy wrapped his wing around her and said, “Try writing it down.”

Off she went.

“That’s it!”

Libby loved writing.


Libby found her flutter and made her mark.


Amanda Kirkham, M.Ed., is an elementary school teacher, writer, and aspiring author. She is a triplet, a runner, and perpetual student. Her motto is “Never stop learning!” One of her favorite childhood pastimes was to read every side of the cereal box and digest the information. She lives in Georgia with her husband and four children.

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