noun  cour·age  \ ˈkər-ij , ˈkə-rij \

mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty


This thing called courage requires action, work, and a level of discomfort that is easy to shrink away from. Here I am venturing into the blogging world unsure of where it will take me. This feeling of uncertainty is a familiar companion with any type of writing I set out to do. It takes courage to allow the idea that resides in my thoughts and imagination to escape onto paper or a computer screen. My idea then has the potential to be seen by others. There is a level of vulnerability that is almost paralyzing until I apply courage. Taking a risk means that I have to choose to push through. A few times, I have surprised myself while most often I fail as expected only to begin again. If I didn’t try, I wouldn’t know. Being left to wonder is more binding to the creative soul than being set free by exposure. To all of you who may be doubting yourself, don’t. Or at least do it for only a moment and then be courageous!


Amanda Kirkham, M.Ed., is an elementary school teacher, writer, and aspiring author. She is a triplet, a runner, and perpetual student. Her motto is “Never stop learning!” One of her favorite childhood pastimes was to read every side of the cereal box and digest the information. She lives in Georgia with her husband and four children.